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Bug Tracker

Bug Tracker

Identified problems and potential issues

The bulk of this page will more than likely be useless to you. I just like to keep a log of what I’ve changed and when I’ve changed it in case something should go wrong. I also keep a semi-detailed log of current issues I’ve spotted but in most cases I post a very short description of the problems I need to fix.

Last truncation: 08/09/10

Pressing issues

  • 22/01/11 – HTML5′s IE6 hack is causing rendering issues in IE6. Still usable, but annoying.
  • 18/01/11 – Hanging SQL queries causing downtime when server-side caching is disabled; investigating.
  • 18/01/11 – Implement video tutorials.
  • 18/01/11 – Restore Dog Tag tutorial.

Upkeep and Upgrades

  • 18/01/11 – Add simple cookies that track menu positions, whether the user has closed the “Not logged in” warning, etc.
  • 18/01/11 – Clean up the CSS post-migration to HTML5. Many unused classes left over and its a mess.
  • 18/01/11 – Clean up jquery scripts post-migration.

Resolved issues

  • 15/12/10 – Header menu revised and implemented.
  • 15/12/10 – New information bar implemented under posts with more details, share content, etc.
  • 15/12/10 – Social media buttons added as per user requests.
  • 15/12/10 – Users who are not logged in are now greeted as such. This warning can be dismissed.
  • 15/12/10 – HTML 5 partially implemented. Internet Explorer fix implement as well. Still buggy in IE6 but should not render the site inaccessible.
  • 14/12/10 – Ads moved to the bottom of the page to be less intrusive and annoying.
  • 14/12/10 – Inline text ads removed. Too many shady spam sites which I did not approve of; also very annoying and ugly.
  • 08/09/10 – Level 6 headers found in footer do not inherit proper font set in Chrome (Turns out they do, the anti-aliasing is just strange)
  • 09/07/10 – Added “Login” and “Search” buttons on the top of the page rather than relying on the JS submission function that would break if user had JS disabled
  • 08/09/10 – Informational bubble popup removed and replaced by populated input box; a JS bug was causing the popup to grab focus and scroll the page up following login
  • 08/12/10 – Ad provider changed from AdSense to Adbrite
  • 08/12/10 – Contact page finally populated
  • 08/09/10 – Added “code” easter egg (find it yet?)
  • 08/09/10 – Lazy Loader removed as per Reddit’s feedback
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