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5 CSS Tips for Beginners

5 CSS Tips for Beginners

Quick tips to get you started

I’ve been writing CSS for several years already, and I can honestly say that I’m still never completely satisfied when I finish a website. It always seems like I could have optimized just a little more, or done things a little differently. CSS by itself is not a complicated pseudo-language, but it does have some intricacies that come with experience. Here are five quick-and-dirty tips to give you a hand and to get you started on the right track.

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Why contractors aren't always the best of solutions for your website's needs

Why contractors aren’t always the best of solutions for your website’s needs

Sometimes, it might be worth doing it yourself

I work for a small company of 100 people or so and am the sole web designer, developer and general IT guy for the office. Following my recommendation, we’ve recently taken on the project of re-desiging our website and bringing the 10 year-old code up to web standards.

As the people in my office tend to keep me very busy, my superiors opted to hire a large contracting company to update the website and bring the everything up to par. I wasn’t against the idea, but I definitely would have preffered to structure and laying out the CSS, documenting everything in case I’m to be replaced later on, but time was a factor and I couldn’t deliver as fast as they needed. We had used them before, and they’ve built us awesome ASP applications that make all of our lives easier, so I was under the impression they could at least provide proper HTML.

Several months go by and we near completion and finally get a glimpse of the new site. It was like hitting me in the face with a hammer. It looked horrible.

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Content-aware image navigation menus in WordPress

Content-aware image navigation menus in WordPress with simple CSS & PHP

Swapping menu images to match user's location

So you’ve built yourself a new WordPress blog and decided to use a fancy image-driven navigation menu, but now you’d like that menu to tell visitors where they are. By using a few of WordPress’ built-in functions along with a little CSS and PHP, we can easily make it happen.

You’ll need to have a basic understanding of CSS, HTML and maybe a little PHP to understand how it all comes together.

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Easily link to social media websites from WordPress

All-in-one solutions for your social needs

Where would the internet be without social media? A better place? Some would argue so, but whatever your opinions are on the subject, chances are you still have a Twitter and MySpace account, don’t you? In a recent project, I’ve had to create quite a few links to various social media websites and have come up with a series of WordPress-based snippets you can use in your next project.

Note that the code samples below only include the opening anchor for easy integration and are in alphabetical order.

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