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How to install, setup and configure WordPress on your PC

Run Wordpress on your PC using WAMP Server

WAMP Server (short for Windows Apache, MySQL and PHP) installs and runs some of the most popular server applications locally, all in one easy package allowing you to run a fully-functional WordPress installation on your home machine, server or even in a virtual machine.

In this article, we’ll be looking at WAMP Server 2.0i, its installation, configuration and how to drop in WordPress so we can develop themes locally and work on our websites away from the public eye, or without an internet connection.

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Easy user registration and login/logout in Wordpress

Easy user registration and login/logout in WordPress without plugins

Let users register and login from your front page

Only a few days after launching my new blog design, I’ve already received a couple of e-mails from other WordPress users asking me how I implemented the registration and login function of my blog from the front page, and the answer couldn’t be any simpler. Using a few simple preset PHP functions and a couple of specific name values, we can let users register, login and log out from anywhere we want.

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Content-aware image navigation menus in WordPress

Content-aware image navigation menus in WordPress with simple CSS & PHP

Swapping menu images to match user's location

So you’ve built yourself a new WordPress blog and decided to use a fancy image-driven navigation menu, but now you’d like that menu to tell visitors where they are. By using a few of WordPress’ built-in functions along with a little CSS and PHP, we can easily make it happen.

You’ll need to have a basic understanding of CSS, HTML and maybe a little PHP to understand how it all comes together.

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Share user database tables between two WordPress installations

One database, one user list, two blogs

In a recent project, I found myself having to share user tables between two separate WordPress installations. This is common in multi-lingual websites, but might just come in handy for you as well. I am assuming you already have a WordPress installation in place and are now installing a second one. You’ll need to open your first WordPress installation’s config.php file and copy the database configuration and paste it into the second. This allows both installations to use the same database.

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Easily link to social media websites from WordPress

All-in-one solutions for your social needs

Where would the internet be without social media? A better place? Some would argue so, but whatever your opinions are on the subject, chances are you still have a Twitter and MySpace account, don’t you? In a recent project, I’ve had to create quite a few links to various social media websites and have come up with a series of WordPress-based snippets you can use in your next project.

Note that the code samples below only include the opening anchor for easy integration and are in alphabetical order.

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