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Rift Tweak Guide and Optimization Tips

Squeeze more performance from Trion's MMO

Having recently purchased Trion’s new MMORPG Rift and having a first-hand experience at its horrible engine optimization, I figured it’d come in handy to collect in a singular source all of the relevant tweaks I’ve found on the forums and various websites. I cannot take credit for most of these findings and have linked back to their original authors where appropriate to do so.

As a disclaimer, I cannot vouch that these tweaks will work under all conditions, if at all but I do try to filter out the junk from the relevant stuff whenever possible.

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Corsair Hydro H70 cooler review

Accessible water cooling for the masses

Watercooling a processor is not an option commonly accessible to the amateur builder; it requires a careful selection of pumps, radiators, tanks, hoses, coolants and acquired knowledge to ensure compatibility. For example, mixing copper and aluminium waterblocks can create rust particles within the coolant, anti-fungal agents must be carefully mixed in, lines must be bled of air, water seals tested and more. Not a simple process for the faint of heart.

Corsair has set out to make basic watercooling accessible to the masses via their Hydro H50 and H70 lines of CPU coolers, both now available under and around the 100$ mark. These kits are pre-assembled, fully sealed closed loops and should serve your machine reliably for years to come. Let’s see how it fares to the everyday builder in comparison to the stock Intel cooler.

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Freebie: Phone Design

A free PSD, no strings attached

I originally designed this phone several years ago for a pamphlet on information security. It was important to remind users that cell phones were not secured lines of communication and since the poster is no longer in distribution, I figured it could possibly be useful to someone out there.

It had originally started out like a Motorola Q but I had changed it a bit to make non-specific.

Use it as you see fit. Just don’t re-distribute or sell it. That’s all I ask.

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Easily adjust your photo’s levels and mask away the excess

Easily adjust your photo’s levels and mask away the excess

Use levels to your advantage

Here’s a quick and dirty trick to make adjusting your levels a breeze. When trying to adjust levels, its common that you lose details, especially in extreme contrast zones. Using this trick, you’ll be able to quickly and easily identify affected areas and mask away the problematic spots to retain the most information while having a problem balance of contrast.

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Good and Evil

Good and Evil Photo Manipulation, Redux

Split a photo into two distinct personalities

In this tutorial we’ll be taking a photo and splitting it in two: one side of the photo will be light and colorful while the other, in contrast, will be dark, evil and brooding. This is a complete re-write of my popular tutorial with new stock photos. I’ll be covering some of the basics on using brushes, using textures, color correcting, masking and several other neat effects.

This tutorial requires that you have some working knowledge of Photoshop, but I do my best to try and explain in as much detail as possible.

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