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Archives for February, 2011

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Corsair Hydro H70 cooler review

Accessible water cooling for the masses

Watercooling a processor is not an option commonly accessible to the amateur builder; it requires a careful selection of pumps, radiators, tanks, hoses, coolants and acquired knowledge to ensure compatibility. For example, mixing copper and aluminium waterblocks can create rust particles within the coolant, anti-fungal agents must be carefully mixed in, lines must be bled of air, water seals tested and more. Not a simple process for the faint of heart.

Corsair has set out to make basic watercooling accessible to the masses via their Hydro H50 and H70 lines of CPU coolers, both now available under and around the 100$ mark. These kits are pre-assembled, fully sealed closed loops and should serve your machine reliably for years to come. Let’s see how it fares to the everyday builder in comparison to the stock Intel cooler.

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