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Archives for September, 2010

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Test your website on IE6, Safari, Chrome or play Halo right from your browser

A virtualization website that will blow your mind

A somewhat well-kept and cherished tool of many web designers, Spoon is a virtualization website that allows you to run many useful applications right from your browser. No installation required, to some extent – you’ll need to install their plugin. Not only does it offer all the browsers you’d ever need, it also lets you play the original Halo demo (including multiplayer) as well as several other impressive contenders, right from your browser.

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Web Ninjas - A Free PSD

Freebie: Web Ninjas Slider Design

A free PSD for your ruthless exploitation

Up for grabs is a concept piece for a company we were poised to created a short while back. While the project never took off, we did come up with several interfaces and I’ve started to dig some up from the ‘ol archives. While I can’t release all of the stuff, here’s a simple interface to get us started.

Use it as you see fit. Just don’t re-distribute or sell it. That’s all I ask.

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